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advisory services

  • market, competitive analysis & positioning
  • industry themes, trends & entrants
  • customer targeting, qualification & contracting
  • vendor recruitment, qualification & onboarding
  • disruptive technologies, platforms & oems


we look at infrastructure through the lens of porter's five forces, addressing five competitive forces that shape an industry to determine our partner's corporate strategy and tactical responses.

the model is named after harvard business school professor michael e. porter and are:
- competition in the industry
- potential of new entrants into the industry
- power of suppliers
- power of customers
- threat of substitute products*

we advise our partners to position them for success within an industry ecosystem.
* from michael e. porter. "competitive strategy: techniques for analyzing industries and competitors (abstract)."


  • private equity
  • reits
  • utilities
  • carriers​
  • oems, distributors & contractors